Isolate Protein – 2kg


we take pride in our products that are used by elite athletes in training facilities. Fitness Oxygen is the sports nutrition supplement brand of choice for Chip Smith Performance Systems, a training facility where athletes go to get better.

Isolate protein is Your perfect workout partner for muscle gains and strength.
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ISOLATE PROTEIN is simply muscle building fuel. Each serving contains 25g protein and 5.5g BCAAs, including 2.6 g L-leucine. Known worldwide for quality, taste and purity, It is formulated using a cross-flow micro filtration, multi-step purification process that produces vital muscle building proteins while removing excess carbohydrates, fat, lactose and cholesterol. Preserves portions. It is made from pre-hydrolyzed protein sources to ensure rapid digestion and absorption.

  • Made from pre-hydrolyzed protein sources for fast digestion and quick absorption
  • 25 g Hydrolyzed 100% Whey Isolate
  • 5.5g BCAAs to Help Build Muscle Memory and Support Recovery
  • 2.6g of L-Leucine for Activation of Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • 1g or less sugar per serving
  • Ultra-Clean Whey Protein Isolate Available in Delicious Flavors


Fitness Oxygen isolate protein gets its name from its protein source, 100 percent whey protein isolate. Unless you’re in the medical profession, you’ve probably never seen protein before. Whey Protein Isolate has been processed to the zeal of perfection, 100% hydrolyzed and instant and taken in no less than 5 quality controlled steps. Both lactose and fat have been removed from It , leaving you with nothing but the most easily digested. We know that optimum protein utilization is necessary to aid muscle recovery and maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which is important during periods of intense training. There’s no higher standard of protein than ISO100, so rest assured you’ll be feeding your muscles to their full potential.

Features and details

  • Maximum protein utilization is essential to aid muscle recovery.
  • maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, which is important during periods of intense training
  • Whey Protein 100% Isolate, Gluten Free
  • easy to digest
  • One 80-ounce jar of  flavoured whey protein supplement
  • 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate
  • 25 grams of protein per serving; no fat or lactose
  • 1 gram carbohydrate
  • Highest protein percentage in its class
  • instant mix

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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